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The story behind FYE

Founded in 2019 by Sanna Johannesson, FYE is a trailblazing modeling agency rooted in the heart of Scandinavia, championing diversity and inclusion. At FYE, we celebrate every individual, embracing all hairstyles, skin colors, conditions, sizes, heights, and abilities. Our ethos is built on respect, joy, and dedication, driving us to redefine industry standards and promote an environment where Scandinavia's rich diversity is celebrated and no one feels excluded.

FYE Management proudly represents around 250 models who embody beauty, strength, and the transformative power to influence change. We foster strong partnerships with international modeling agencies that resonate with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

From its inception, FYE was envisioned as a sanctuary for models—a place where they could find safety, respect, and a sense of belonging. We are more than an agency; we are a community that welcomes and unites a kaleidoscope of talent while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the modeling world.

5% of all booking profits will support domestic violence charities in Scandinavia, starting 3/4-2024. Your partnership amplifies this impact

Join us in making a lasting impact, where every unique story is told and every voice is heard.

Our philosophy

FYE Management isn't just a modeling agency; it's the heart of our operation. Yet, our aspirations, enthusiasm, and objectives stretch far beyond the runway. Our goal is a transformative one: to revolutionize the industry itself. We're dedicated to disseminating our expertise and principles across the fashion and creative sectors. As a part of this commitment, we extensively consult and educate companies and brands, empowering them to embrace and implement strategies for greater inclusivity.

Are you ready to make these changes? Please contact us to book a meeting!

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We're making a substantial move to combat domestic violence.

5% of all booking profits will now support domestic violence charities in Scandinavia, starting 3/4-2024. Your partnership amplifies this impact—here’s how you can join us.

Our Commitment: FYE Mgmt stands with survivors of domestic violence. As a leader in Scandinavia's modeling industry, our all-woman and nonbinary team leverages our platform for change. We're proud to announce that a portion of our profits will now aid organizations supporting domestic violence survivors. This isn't just a pledge—it's our business model evolving for social good. We are committed to making a difference, not only in the world of fashion but in the lives of those still searching for a way out of the shadows. Together with our clients, models, and partners, we stand united in the fight against domestic violence, empowering survivors to reclaim their stories and their lives. I personally have my life to thank these organizations and their help.

Impact of Domestic Violence in Scandinavia: Domestic violence is a pervasive, underreported crisis. In Scandinavia, 1 in 4 women have faced violence from a partner or ex-partner. The consequences are devastating, stretching beyond physical and emotional tolls to societal and economic burdens.

How You Can Help: Empower with Every Booking: Enhance your projects with our talent; knowing a portion of every booking strengthens the fight against domestic violence.

Spread the Word: Use #StopDomesticViolence to share this initiative, breaking the silence around this issue. Direct Support: Consider direct donations to our partner charities for an immediate impact. Educate and Engage: Learn about domestic violence, its signs, and how to offer support, becoming an advocate for change.

Transparency and Accountability: Your trust is paramount. We commit to regular updates on the impact of your support, including detailed receipts and the option to verify contributions directly with our charity partners. Together, our efforts extend far beyond fashion, offering hope and healing.

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