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The story behind FYE

FYE is a Stockholm-based modeling agency founded in 2019. We focus on diversity, and we don't exclude anyone regardless of hairstyle, skin color, skin conditions, size, or disability. Respect, joy, and commitment reflect our work and together with our models and you, we at FYE want to create innovational thinking in the industry where the unique diversity in Scandinavia is taken advantage of and no one is left out, regardless.

Today, FYE Management represents about 130 models with varying experiences but they are beautiful, strong, and ready to make a difference.

In the Scandinavian fashion industry today, you find around ten major modeling agencies, across the contries, and common among them all is the lack of representation of diversity. When we then dug deeper into this matter, it became increasingly clear that the lack of models with an ethnicity other than Scandinavian, diversity in heights and sizes, and a lack of models with different disabilities. This is rather because they have not been included in the modeling industry on the same terms as among those who have succeeded despite the unfair conditions, many had to endure racism, sexism, and discrimination at their workplace. From this insight, the idea for FYE was born.

The founder of this agency is Sanna Johannesson. When she created FYE she wanted the agency to function as a refuge for models where they can feel safe, respected and included. An agency where everyone is welcome. An agency that's not excluding, but rather welcomes and gathers all various and unique models.

Our philosophy

FYE Management is a model agency, which is our main business. But our vision, passion, and mission expand broader than that. We want to change the industry. We work actively to spread our knowledge and values ​​about racism, sexism, and exclusion in both the fashion and creative industries. Therefore, we do a lot of consulting and lecturing for companies and brands on how they can actively work to be more inclusive.

Are you ready to make these changes? Please contact us to book a meeting!

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